FOREO ESPADA Acne-Clearing Pen - Magenta thumb
FOREO ESPADA Acne-Clearing Pen - Magenta thumb

FOREO ESPADA Acne-Clearing Pen - Magenta

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  • $170.5
  • Updated: October 2018

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Brand: Foreo

FOREO ESPADA Acne-Clearing Pen - Magenta

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Tackle problematic, breakout-prone skin on-the-spot with the ESPADA™ Acne-Clearing Pen from Swedish beauty brand FOREO; a pioneering, at-home treatment that combines their renowned T-Sonic™ pulsations with powerful blue light technology to deliver unparalleled results. The intelligent device utilises 415NM of blue light LEDs that penetrate deep below the surface layer of skin, clinically proven to kill acne-causing bacteria at the source without causing pain or discomfort, with targeted light application ensuring surgical-like precision to treat even the smallest blemish right from when it emerges for instant action. The gentle T-Sonic™ pulsations activate upon contact with skin, working to diffuse the light into pores to enhance efficiency while stimulating micro-circulation to promote skin renewal and repair. With continued use, the overall complexion appears healthier looking and more refined with a noticeable decrease in breakouts. Ergonomically designed with the head coated in ultra-hygienic, 100% waterproof silicone, ESPADA™ prevents the spread of acne-causing bacteria and feels smooth to touch for optimum comfort even on sensitive skin, with one charge providing up to 60 2-minute treatments. With no need to replace cartridges, it provides a long-term investment for visibly clearer skin. Features: FOREO ESPADA™ Acne-Clearing Pen 415nm of Blue Light (LED) quickly yet non-invasively eliminate acne-causing bacteria at the source. Light Pulse Technology T-Sonic™ pulsations activate on skin contact for increased effectiveness to facilitate skin renewal. Targeted light precision and Skin Sensor-Activated to initiate treatment on contact with skin, maximising light where it's needed most, conserving battery life and ensuring safety for skin and eyes. Hygienic & stylish design; head coated in a special bacteria-resistant silicone, prohibiting the spread of acne-causing bacteria. Body of the device is quick-drying and nonporous to prevent bacteria buildup. USB-charging cable and storage pouch included. 100% waterproof & rechargeable: easy to clean and 1 charge can provide up to 60 2-minute treatments. Built-in Timer: pulsates every 30 seconds to indicate the end of each acne-treating routine. One-time cost: no additional or changeable cartridges. 2-Year Limited Warranty and 10-Year Quality Guarantee.

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